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What does Freedom look Like?

HOC has started a NEW Project called FREEDOM CUPS, and I’m so excited to tell you how well received it has been.

Did you know that impoverished young girls lose between 5 to 7 days of school per month during their menstruation?

Missing school puts young girls at an academic disadvantage, creating low self-esteem, drop-out rates, early pregnancies and a vicious cycle of economic dependence, low paid jobs and gender-based violence.

Schoolgirls’ sanitary products are essential, in particular during their school years.

Yet these disposable products are expensive, bad for the environment, and often overlooked in poor households.

What are Freedom Cups? They are menstrual cups.

These cups are cost-effective, eco-friendly and hygienic. Not only is the menstrual cup a great step in keeping girls at school while menstruating, they also restore dignity, privacy and safety; they minimize infections and offer safe, secure, discreet and leak-free protection for up to 12 hours at a time. And more…. Freedom Cups are reusable up to 10 years, and they are a ‘green’ alternative to disposable tampons and pads.

The combo pack comprises of a menstrual cup and a compact, foldable silicone sterilizer cup.

In partnership with PrincessD Menstrual Cup, Hands of Compassion has already begun distribution to several schools.

Boitumelo and Barbara head the Freedom Cup Project at HOC.

We have heard fantastic feedback already. For Nonthando, freedom looks like this: “I am free to learn because I no longer have to worry about stained clothes.”

Ps Xana McCauley


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